facebook like button is evil and facebook too

Sehr spannendes, wenn auch englisches, Interview mit Arnold Roosendaal hat yiid.com da geführt. Ausgeführt wird, welche Datensammelwut facebook gepackt hat und das auch Nicht-Facebooker keine wirkliche Kontrolle über die eigenen Daten mehr haben.
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Do you know any alternative to the facebook like button?

It depends on how buttons work and whether they are valuable for content providers to implement on their websites. A big step could be made when the button is for instance a jpeg or gif image with a link behind it. The Facebook like button is a piece of HTML content and comes directly from the Facebook servers. If a button is actually a link, the connection is not made when a page is loaded, but only when the link is actually clicked by a visitor. This allows users to choose whether they want to share data on their browsing behavior or not.
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